How I Became A Food Blogger

Ten years ago, my husband, my daughter and I made a big change in our life. We moved countries. We left behind the place where we grew up, our family and our friends. We threw ourselves in a new adventure, into the unknown. We couldn’t speak the language very well; we could barely gather enough food on the table. I still remember my husband’s first birthday here. We bought two small ice cream cakes since the big beautiful ones were too expensive; we didn’t even have jobs yet. I had never made a cake at that point. Of course, as I was growing up, I helped my mother who is an amazing cook, but that’s it! I had no experience in baking. This is when my journey in the culinary world began. My mother spent many long hours with me on Skype trying to transmit all her knowledge despite the distance between us. After countless hours on Skype with my mother and many researches on Google, I made my first cake! That cake was for my daughter’s birthday. What mattered to me most at that moment was my daughter’s smile when she first saw her cake. Of course, the fact that everyone loved my creation and recognized that it was a Winnie Pooh cake made me very happy as well. This is how I started out. As time went by, I felt more comfortable in the kitchen. I started getting better and began experimenting with different bakery methods and techniques. I made sure to put a cake on the table for every special occasion my little family celebrated. However, our little family wasn’t so little anymore as we were blessed with another beautiful baby girl. Along with the cakes, I experimented with different kinds of sweets and meals. Now I help my mother with recipes and tell her how to make them. 

My friends were always amazed with whatever I cooked or baked. They continuously encouraged me to start a blog, but I didn’t have the courage to put myself out there. However, I started giving out recipes and sending pictures to more and more friends, relatives and colleagues. I received that as I sing that it is time for me to share my knowledge with more people. And here I am now, typing away my journey on this page. Writing this makes me truly happy as I get to share what made me happy when I cooked, what put a smile on my close ones faces when we ate the food I made. 

For me, food is much more than a necessity for survival. It is a joy for the senses. Food has to be not only delicious but also pleasant to the eye, elegantly plated, in order for us to fully enjoy it. 

Finally, I want to finish this off by saying that I am born in October and my zodiac sign is libra.  The life of a libra is guided by the senses of harmony, beauty and equality. Expect the exact same from my blog – harmony and elegant beauty. I will do my best and you, dear reader, encourage me and enjoy my recipes with lots of love. 

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