How to Open a Coconut and Make Coconut Water, Milk and Flakes

By Sneji
January 26, 2022

This is very interesting! You can make three different products from one simple coconut. I wanted to make a coconut cake and as I was grocery shopping I saw a coconut in the store. I thought if I make the cake with fresh coconut ingredients the taste will be richer and much more true to the real taste of the coconut. Today I’ll show you how you can make your own coconut milk and coconut flakes.

Personally, I don’t like coconut water which is why I didn’t use it. When opening a coconut, you need to make sure you empty the water out first. It is not easy. I used a corkscrew to make a whole to pour the water out of the coconut.

Afterwards, I used a hammer to crack it open. To make coconut milk, you have to cut the coconut meat and blend it with the water. Strain the liquid mixture and now you have milk. You can add vanilla extract or maple syrup or dates, as a natural sweetener. It is your choice. Don’t throw away the coconut meat, you can dry it in the oven, I’ll show you. Last but not least, you can make the coconut flakes in the size you prefer. Grate and dry it in the oven and that’s it!

How to take out the coconut water?

You will need to use the three dark circles on the coconut. Try to choose the one that seems to be softer. However, don’t worry too much about that as you will be able to poke all three holes without a problem, the softer one is just slightly easier. To make a hole you need a corkscrew. Once you have your hole, then simply drain the coconut water into a glass. Now you are ready to open a coconut.

How to open a coconut?

There are many ways to open a coconut. I decided to use a hammer.
Place the drained coconut onto a cutting board and then lightly hammer the center of the shell, rotating the fruit as you go. It will crack in half fairly easily.

How to make Coconut Milk?


½ coconut meat

350 ml water

Take the meat and cut it in half. Take one half and cut it into pieces. Place them in a blender with water. Blend and strain. The liquid is your milk. You can add flavors to it. It depends on your taste and when you will use it. Don’t throw away the coconut meat, you can use it as well.

How to make Coconut Flakes?

You can use the coconut meat left after making the coconut milk. Preheat the oven to 320 F. Line a baking pan with parchment paper and spread out the coconut meat. Turn off the oven and let the coconut meat dry for about 40-45 min. Stir after 20 min .

You can grate the other half of the coconut meat. Preheat the oven to 320 F. Line a baking pan with parchment paper and spread out the coconut flakes. Turn off the oven and dry for about 20 min.

Now you have coconut water, coconut milk and coconut flakes!

Bon Appétit!

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